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Ombre Pedicure Designs 2021

Ombre pedicure is one of the most popular nail designs, where shades of colors smoothly blend into one another. Such pedicure idea is suitable for everyone, regardless of the season, clothing style and the age of the woman. This time-tested technique of nail decoration has become versatile and is loved by many young ladies. A huge variety of colours is used in ombre pedicure design, from bright and eye-catching shades to pastel and nude ones. The more contrasting colours are used, the more noticeable the transitions will be.

A large photo collection of pedicure designs in ombre technique by experienced professionals of the nail industry is now available on our website. You also have the opportunity to contact the author of the design you like the most and book your nail appointment.

Ombre Pedicure Design: Pedicure Trends and Hottest Combos 2020/2021

• colour palettes from bright pink to blood orange;

• silver or gold shine with black tips of nails;

• custom ombre design with minimalistic decor;

• smooth transitions from shades of purple to pink shades;

• vertical and horizontal ombre pedicure;

• ombre resembling French manicure will add some stylishness to your look.

Ombre pedicure design with its smooth transitions can be done either on all the nails or on the big toe only. Feel free to experiment to find your own unique style.


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