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Any girl’s self-care is not only getting her fingernails done. Pedicure is also a crucial part of self-care. Besides, pedicure is not just beautifully painted nails, it is also the health of the nail plate and the prevention of fungal diseases. There’s a huge range of nail technicians today, which is why getting your pedicure done is quite easy these days, but choosing an interesting and suitable pedicure design is much more complicated. On our website we have gathered all the best pedicure ideas 2021. Nail artists from all over the world share their hottest pedicure designs, and we can’t wait to show them to you.

2021 season has prepared some new pedicure trends that are likely to appeal to any fashion lover. So, the most relevant pedicure designs 2021 are:

  • French pedicure design is rather elegant and laconic. This year, French pedicure design can be not only of white or nude colour shade, but also multicoloured. And do not think that a colourful pedicure is appropriate only when the weather is warm. Pro nail artists offer plenty of designs, colour combos and pedicure techniques that you can pamper yourself during the fall and winter seasons;
  • colour blocked & sweet bloom nail art, nail powder, ombre pedicure design;
  • dazzling pedicure - kamifubuki, glitters and rhinestones in a stunning combination with a pastel or bright coloured background, but the main trend of this type of pedicure is definitely foil;
  • geometric shapes - fashionable pedicure 2020 keeps on pleasing the fans of broken lines, irregular geometric shapes, abstract nail art, grids, etc.;
  • nude pedicure design is almost a classic. A pastel monochromatic coverage will be appropriate for any occasion and will suit absolutely any girl;
  • holographic pedicure or ‘gasoline toenails’ - the pedicure design for those who are used to being bright and daring, catching the eyes of others;
  • drawings - they are relevant as usual. Pedicure design with flowers, fruits, letters, waves and animal prints will be a worthy decoration for your feet.

When it comes to the nail polish colour, pedicure trends 2021 establish their own rules. It means this season will be rich in lavender, purple, blue, pistachio, emerald green, pink and gold shades. Dark nail polish colours still look great, including black and navy blue, as well as conservative white colour.

In any case, no matter what pedicure design you choose, the health of your toenails always comes first. Do not neglect pampering yourself with warm baths, oils and nail strengthening products. Keep in mind one simple rule: any pedicure looks gorgeous on healthy nails!

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