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Yin Yang Tattoos

Yin-Yang tattoo is endowed with special symbolism. Such an image is chosen by people who are interested in oriental cultures, inclined to philosophize, and creative personalities. The combination of Yin and Yang is a symbol of the unity of opposites in the Universe, it is the order of phenomena in nature, the balance of all life on earth, the fusion of two opposites together. A tattoo with this symbol can be interpreted as a desire to feel in harmony, to be happy, no matter what stripe has come in life - white or black.

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Yin Yang Tattoo Meanings:

  • balance;
  • harmony;
  • order of the inner world;
  • the ability to feel happy in any situation.

It is believed that the owner of such a tattoo, believing in its symbolism, will 100% achieve its goals.

Often a pair of Yin-Yang tattoos are stuffed by couples in love to consolidate the union.