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Shark Tattoos

Drawing with strong energy is done in different techniques, guided by individual preferences. Most shark tattoos involve the use of rich shades that allow you to draw in all their glory the sea predator and its surrounding habitat. Monochrome drawings also have a right to exist, concluding an incredibly powerful energy message in a laconic simple image.

Popular shark tattoo designs

A beautiful charismatic inhabitant of the deep sea can be presented in different ways:

  • single silhouette with detailed outline of the body, powerful jaws, shark grin;
  • tattoo of a shark against the background of the sea with the image of waves, sailboats, anchors;
  • drawing in cartoon format detailing popular and fictional plot;
  • abstract body decor, in which the shark appears in an unusual background for her, with a pronounced change in appearance, size and proportions.

The thumbnail view directly determines the preferred location for the tattoo:

  • mostly round tattoos are applied to the chest area, scapula;
  • an arm or a leg is effectively adorned with oblong images depicting a marine life in motion.

Shark Tattoo Styles and Techniques

Masters of tattoo parlors fill a drawing of a sharp-toothed predator in techniques that imply special expressiveness and originality.

Old school

The style, the origins of which are associated with sailors and their life, does not lose popularity in modern tattoo art. The presence of a shark in the plot of a tattoo is often due to the sacred meaning of a colorful design made in color with many additional details, clearly outlined lines. One of the best areas for an old school tattoo is the shoulder.


Photos of a shark tattoo in the linework style attract attention with an unusual schematic depiction of a sea predator, smoothing out its inherent aggressiveness.