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Hieroglyphics Tattoos

Hieroglyph tattoos are one of the most popular. In terms of the prevalence rating among youth groups, it is almost as good as tattoos with aphoristic inscriptions. The fact is that there are a great many hieroglyphs, which is why these mysterious symbols conquer fans of body tattoos. The main language is Chinese. Japanese, Korean are used less often.

FineAdviser.com is the best advice on choosing a tattoo. We have compiled a large collection of hieroglyph tattoos by tattoo artists in different styles and techniques. To get a tattoo, you can use our website. Look through the sketches, choose the option you like and contact a master from your city to place an order.

Popular hieroglyph tattoos:

  • zodiac signs;
  • numbers;
  • various designations: love, luck, respect, happiness, courage, freedom, dream.

It is important to understand that one hieroglyph can mean a whole phrase, but the more interesting the tattoo will look like. Often hieroglyphs carry a very deep meaning and emotional mood. There is an opinion that tattoos with hieroglyphs have properties of extraordinary strength of impact, protect the wearer from negativity and failure.

Most often, the tattoo is stuffed on the neck or its back side, on the wrist, back, collarbone, shoulder.


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