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Pedicure Design with Foil

Foil pedicure design definitely won't go out of style in the next few seasons. It will always be relevant and stylish, just take a look at the variety of design options! You can apply foil randomly or reflecting clear geometric shapes; in the center of the nail or on the side; in small amounts or all over the nail plate. Choose your favourite foil pedicure design from the huge photo collection available on lovelyday.today website for a particularly stunning look.

Trendy Foil Pedicure Designs: 2020 Nail Ideas

There are so many colours to experiment with! Make your nails look chic using the following shades:

• white;

• black;

• nude;

• pink;

• orange;

• purple.

Foil is a good addition to gel nail polishes of various colour shades from nude to bright. Nail art with foil looks unusual, bright and amazing.


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