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Coral Pedicure

A coral pedicure is bright, fashionable, stylish and perfect for summer. You can adorn your toenails with various decorative elements or leave them single-colored. The most interesting ideas of a coral pedicure are collected in our photo gallery on FineAdviser.com. Here you can find works of nail artists from all over the world. Get inspired, create your own unique design and book an appointment with a professional near you.

Trendy Coral Pedicure Ideas


This trendy shade of red goes beautifully with rhinestones on big toes when the rest of the toenails remain monochrome. Silver, gold, and white rhinestones look glamorous on a bright saturated background. They are usually laid out in the form of patterns or used to outline tips or lunulae.


A coral pedicure can be embellished with contrasting patterns. For a summer toenail design floral patterns, pictures of butterflies, birds, watercolor drawings, hearts are in vogue.

A 3D braided pattern can be made on a big toe to complement an autumn look. When creating a coral winter toenail design, a Christmas tree, a scattering of confetti, or ornaments can be drawn on a bright background. To apply a picture, a nail artist can use the stamping technique.


Glitter is a great addition to a festive pedicure design. Both monochrome and colorful glitter is in trend. It can adorn all nails or big toes alone. You can come up with any conceivable ideas as here is no limit for imagination.

Matte Coral Pedicure

Coral matte polish looks fascinating and unusual. The velvety coat can be decorated with iridescent rhinestones, confetti, gold and silver foil.

A coral pedicure can be combined with geometric patterns, parallel, intersecting stripes, lace patterns. Go for a coral pedicure design to make you look impeccable.

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