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White Natural Looking Nails

White nude manicure design is extremely versatile and practical. It can be combined not only with your business outfit, but also with your gorgeous look for a night out. The neat modesty of the delicate milky white nude manicure is really popular in the fashion world at the moment. Practical nude manicure design looks great on any nail length and shape.

Fashion trends for white nude manicure designs 2020:

• French manicure;

• lunar manicure;

• minimalistic shapes;

• moderate addition of rhinestones, sparkles & glitter;

• patterns;

• lettering;

• matte top coat.

In addition, floral patterns, leopard prints, hearts, as well as graphic drawings are often applied to white nude manicure designs. By the way, here you can experiment with shades.

A large photo catalog of manicure designs, best nail ideas and professional nail artists is now available at FineAdviser.com. Feel free to book your manicure appointment with an experienced nail technician from your city!


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