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Spring Nails

When spring comes, not only nature and romance wake up. As a rule, at this time of the year people feel an urge to change and create new looks: come up with a new clothing style, hairstyle, make-up, and get a spring manicure done.

Nail artists recommend to pay special attention to spring-inspired nail decorations during the spring season 2021. Such kind of nail design awakens unspoken feelings and paints your mind in incredible colors. Don't you think so?

The second nail techs’ recommendation was to add hints of freshness and novelty to the nail look with the arrival of spring. This spring, the winning option is applying images of gentle flowers, cartoon prints, various ornaments, blossoming branches. And as a basis, monochromatic matte and glossy varnishes of muted shades are suitable. Use micro glitters, liquid mica, rhinestones, beads, and other decor elements in order to make your manicure even more unique and outstanding.

Well-manicured female hands have been a sign of femininity at all times. Do not be afraid to experiment and create unique designs so that you always look stylish and alluring!

Top manicure trends and novelties for spring 2021 are presented in our photo gallery. Experienced nail artists have created light and airy images that find their embodiment in modern spring nail art.

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