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These days, a nice school manicure is not only a great way to make a statement, but also a chance to show off your expertise in the field of fashion trends. Well-manicured feminine hands can add some attractiveness and charm to the image of women of all ages, but schools dictate their own rules, which must be followed anyway.

FineAdviser Team has gathered a large photo catalog of manicure designs for school done by nail technicians from all over the world. Feel free to find a specialist from your city and book your nail appointment online.

Trendy School Nails: 5 Essential Rules of School Manicure

  1. Neon and flashy color shades must be totally banned. Of course, your teacher may not call you out for that immediately, but a little bit later he or she is sure to ask you to remove the bright colors. And in general, the image of a schoolgirl is associated with tenderness and naturalness, not with vulgar color tones.
  2. Neat nails and clean fingers. Hand care is a must. Even artistic nail designs and shiny nail polish will not draw everyone’s attention if the hands aren’t well taken care of. On the contrary, the nails will look nasty.
  3. Overdoing nail decor is also a definite no-no. If your nail design presupposes using rhinestones, please don’t apply too many of them. The same goes for stones, sparkles, glitter, kamifubuki, and stickers.
  4. Nails that are too long do not match the classic image of a schoolgirl, as they can make the process of taking notes during the class quite challenging. Sharp nail shapes, including stilettos, aren’t a good option for a schoolgirl too.
  5. It is highly recommended to contact an experienced nail tech in order to get a school nail design done on your pretty fingers. A pro specialist will select nail design, color, shape and length appropriately. It is also important to understand that the nail plate of a young person has a specific structure, so the whole procedure must be performed appropriately. This is definitely not the case when you need to experiment on your own.

What Manicure to Choose for School?

Indeed, there are a few restrictions when it comes to school manicure designs, but doing your and applying artistic designs is a super entertaining activity anyway. Just imagine how many options and techniques there are!

Here are some the most popular nail design ideas:

  • French nails;
  • natural-looking nails;
  • clear nails (sometimes with rhinestones);
  • drawings - polka dot, geometric shapes, stripes, flowers, hearts and other patterns;
  • one-color manicure.

Suitable color shades for school manicure design:

  • pastel;
  • milky;
  • powdery;
  • beige;
  • light gray;
  • light pink;
  • soft coffee;
  • pearl.

All in all, we can assume that it is not that hard to adhere to the school dress code and still look stylish. In order to complete your look, feel free to choose a beautiful hairstyle and make up for school at FineAdviser.com, - these will definitely make you feel unique and emphasize your natural beauty, as well as make your image light and fresh.

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