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Red Nail Design

There are some colors that are in trend and at the peak of popularity every season, and one of them is red. It is a color that perfectly goes with different styles of clothing and makeup. To provide an example, a little black dress with a snow-white pearl necklace and a red manicure make up a portrait of a chic and confident woman. The photo collection of trendy red manicure designs 2020 is now available on our website, so check it out and get inspired with new ideas to paint your nails in different ways every week.

2020 fashion trends keep the red color and its stunning elegance at the top. Seasonal fashions introduce an incredible number of red manicure design ideas for all the nail lengths to millions of fashion lovers. At the same time, the variety and versatility of design ideas surprise us with the scope and wide range of options.

It’s pretty clear that a stylish and elegant red manicure is perfect for special occasions, especially if you complement it with special decor elements. Red nail designs are also perfect for office style, a night out, romantic dates and just creating a unique look.

Trendy Red Manicure Designs

• Red, black & white colour combo will make your manicure look stylish and fabulous.

• Red & silver colours will be in perfect harmony with each other and suitable for any occasion. Such duo will look especially stunning covered with a matte and glossy top coat combination. Additionally, rhinestones will certainly fit well!

• It will surely give your manicure a delicate and gentle look if you apply a matte red top coat onto your nails.

• The most popular 2020 red polish shades are dark cherry, bloody red, bright red, berry red, and classic cold red. However, they will also look best in matte finish.

• French manicure design in scarlet colour looks astonishing on long square nails. If you want to add some special charm to the image, apply décor elements or geometric shapes to the ring and (or) middle fingers.

• Chinese characters with white threads on a red background is an exquisite and sophisticated design that will look good on long nails.

• Transparent ombre manicure design with a smooth colour transition covered with gel polish will look mesmerizing with mother-of-pearl decorations.

• Red, gold & silver nail colour combination is often considered to be an extremely luxurious, expensive, and sometimes overly festive.

Be bright, amazing and different every day, just like our list of trendy red manicure designs!


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