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Ombre Nails 2021

Ombre Nails 2020 

 Our pro nail artists shared some tips to help you master creating ombre manicure. You can either book an appointment with a nail technician or do it by yourself. An ombre manicure is quite easy in application, but looks catchy anyway. This design has a lot of advantages:

 Manicure and nail art aren’t just about beautiful nails. Actualy, manicure is a crucial detail of your appearance. You can put on your brand new designer clothing, pay good money for a hairstyle and spend a great deal of time on makeup, but still, your manicure is exactly what draws everyone’s attention. As a matter of fact, your entire circle, from your boyfriend on a date to an HR specialist at an interview, normally pays attention to your hands and nails. And a girl with well-manicured hands and neat nails is certainly more likely to succeed in both cases. 

So, let’s talk about manicure and nail art. First, you need to bear in mind that long-lasting nail polish stays chip-free for weeks, so it’s necessary to find a balance while choosing between the casual nail art design and the one for a night out. But, obviously, a wedding or prom manicure requires special approach.

 Just like any other fashion industry, manicure also has its own trending techniques. 

Everyday manicure 2020 can include the following: 

  •  glossy and matte finish combo; 
  • ombre; 
  • marble manicure; 
  • geometric & abstract art; 
  • gradient; 
  • matte minimalism; 
  • colored french tips; 
  • dark matte manicure; 
  • lace nails; 

Holiday or evening manicure trends 2020 are:

  •  ‘eye see you’ nail art; 
  • moon manicure; 
  • animal print; 
  • glitters & mirror powder; 
  • rhinestones; 
  • ‘spider web’ art; 
  • floral nail art designs; 
  • matte finish & glossy polka dots.

As for the nail shape, 2020 is the year of the soft square, although oval, round and almond shapes are trending as well. Medium nail length is just right for everyday and wedding manicure, while long nails are recommended for the evening, but don’t get too extra and make them ultra long! Nail art influencers say that a work-appropriate manicure is all about neutral but beautiful design and short length. 2020 manicure can be of any color, but keep in mind that it should look suitable for the particular situation.

 The most relevant 2020 nail art ideas are available in our catalog. We’ve gathered all the outstanding works of pro nail technicians. But do not be afraid to try out something new - if you’re into any drawings or patterns, feel free to fantasize and come up with your own original manicure design!

  •  a huge number of colors and shades can be combined; 
  • suitable for any length; 
  • the technique is applied to both fingernails and toenails; 
  • application technology is easy, no professional devices required; 
  • both vertical and horizontal gradients can be done; 
  • any additional decorations and stickers are easy to apply. 

Step by Step Ombre Nails Tutorial

The two methods differ in application technology. It’s completely up to you which option to choose.

 Method 1. Blending   



In this case, both colors are applied directly to the nail and then quickly blended with a sponge. Using this method, remember that there should be smaller amount of the blended color than the amount of the main one (approximately only 1/3 of the nail), since you’ll need the same amount of space to create a smooth transition.

The method is good for creating a two-color gradient - the process won’t be this easy if there are more colors to blend. Also, the advantage of this method is that the skin around the nail doesn’t get dirty, unlike in the following method.

Method 2. Applying a ready-made gradient 

This method is perfect for creation of a multicolored gradient. Depending on the length of the nail, up to 5 different shades can be used. If you use more colors, unfortunately they won’t be invisible. 

Paint different colors of polish onto sponge stripes. It is recommended to stamp the sponge onto a piece of paper first, so that the the colors are blended. Next, stamp the polish onto the nail.

The drawback of this method is the stained skin around the nail. There are 2 ways to deal with the problem: 

  1.  Before stamping the nail polish, apply some oil or hand cream to the skin around the nail, but avoid applying it to the nail itself - otherwise the polish won’t be stamped. After the polish is applied, let it dry on the skin as well. Once it dried completely, you’ll be able to peel it off; 
  2.  If the first option doesn’t suit you, then a thin flat brush for nail art will be of great help. After the polish has dried, it will be easy to remove it from skin around the nail with a brush dipped in acetone.


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