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New Year Manicure Design

Yay! The New Year is coming! We are almost sure that your outfit is already thought over and the suitable jewelry is picked. There is little left to do – you only have to get your New Year's manicure and hairstyle done. So, we wanna overview some of the coolest manicure ideas for the New Year's Eve. Down below there is a photo collection of various New Year's 2021 nail designs by the world’s best nail artists that will make you stand out from the crowd and look absolutely stunning.

On New Year's Eve your bright and eye-catching nails will fit as never before. It is definitely worth paying attention to décor elements (such as rhinestones) and the use of the following nail polishes: golden, silver and colourful glittery colours. The most suitable manicure design colour for the New Year's Eve is different shades of red, black and green. A beautiful opalescent ‘cat eye’ manicure will also draw everyone’s attention.

Our team has picked top 5 amazing ideas for New Year's nail art especially for you. All of these manicure designs somehow reflect symbolic meaning of the colours.

Nail Idea 1: Elegance

The colour combination of glittery pink with maroon or even black, pomegranate with glossy dark raspberry shade is the right choice for ladies who are extremely self-confident and elegant. This is absolutely not an ordinary colour combo, it’s wild and juicy, like wild berries. That’s an aphrodisiac manicure design, exciting and inviting. Take a look at these gorgeous colour shades, and you will certainly feel a subtle feminine scent of elegance. As a rule, women who choose this aphrodisiac manicure design are desirable, strong and confident. Their life motto is: "I got me, myself and I, and we can handle it."

Nail Idea 2. Luxury

The combination of black and gold always attracts attention, as does the lady who choses this colour duo to be on her nails. Looking at her, we can’t but describe her as magnificent and majestic. There is a certain harmony and balance between fame and wealth, which are symbolized by the golden shades and black colour, where there are mystery and eternal depth of the human soul hidden. Women who choose this combination are elegant and aristocratic not only from the outside. Their actions and intentions, attitudes and relationships - everything is full with these qualities. Their motto: "You only live once, so you have to relish every single moment."

Nail Idea 3. Subtle beauty

At first, bright and dynamic contrasts, sparkles and bulky designs always catch our eyes. But subtle beauty is rather calm; it does not stand out and is rarely revealed to everyone. Such manicure design is normally the choice of a wise, gentle and at the same time strong woman. It doesn't matter what colours she prefers, but it is always something sophisticated and aesthetic. Such people are gourmets of life. Their motto is: "To be rather than to seem!"

Nail Idea 4: Bright Success

Bright success is the choice of a strong-willed person. The strength of such woman is her moves that bring joy and self-realization. As a rule, people who choose bright colors are cheerful and friendly. They are sure to help you make it through. We always want to follow them since they’re the true leaders. A woman who chooses bright colors is successful in business and is loved by her family. She always says: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"

Nail Idea 5: Wealth

Red is one of the most difficult yet interesting colours. In general, it symbolizes fire and blood, both are associated with warmth, however, the strong gusts of wind of anger can burn everything to ashes or even shed blood. So, red has two manifestations. The first one: it means strength and superiority, power and cruelty. The second is passion and life, nobility and love. Red is chosen by true leaders who tend to boldly and stubbornly achieve their goals throughout their whole lives. They are trustworthy, intelligent and forward-thinking. They are the rulers of their own lives. But how great is their wealth? It depends on the generosity of their souls. Their life motto: "If not me, then who?"

What version of New Year's manicure design would you prefer? Which one of the colour descriptions matches your lifestyle?

May your New Year's Eve 2021 be joyful and unforgettable! Be beautiful and happy!


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