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Neon Nails 2021

Too scared to get your nails done using bright neon nail polish? It's time to experiment! Juicy and bold colors are in fashion at the moment, so you can be sure that you’ll draw everyone’s attention anywhere you go.

Photo catalog of neon manicure designs 2020 - we have gathered the most relevant and trendy works by the best nail artists. FineAdviser.com team recommends taking a look at the photo collection of neon manicure designs to pick a nail technician in your city and book a manicure appointment.

Neon Manicure Designs: New Nail Ideas and Trends 2020

1. Neon orange. Believe us, if such manicure designs catches your eye, you’ll smell a subtle citrus scent that’ll make your head spin. You can decorate one or two nails with an orange drawing and apply orange & transparent nail polish to the rest of them. By the way, it is better not to paint all your nails, as it will look a little bit messy.

2. Ombre manicure design. An interesting variation of this nail art is bright blurred lines and smooth transitions of colour shades. By the way, neon nail polish looks absolutely amazing in any ombre manicure design.

3. Polka dot manicure design. This nail design is always trendy. We highly recommend you to either draw polka dots on each finger, or choose individual ones. Stylish and laconic.

4. Pumpkin patterns. This neon bright orange vegetable on your nails will fit perfectly well during a Halloween night out with your friends.

5. Neon manicure design with foil and mother-of-pearl mirror powder. The brightness of this extraordinary nail design will not spoil the image, unless you follow the main rule: it should look appropriate and not overdone.

6. Game of tones. Colour selection from the lightest colour shade to the most intense one (from the little finger to the thumb or vice versa).

7. Geometric shapes. How can we do without the geometric patterns loved by so many people? Dark and neat lines will definitely create perfect harmony on a neon background.

8. Neon manicure design with animal and bird prints. Squirrels, foxes and bears look so original. The drawing will certainly flatter your individuality and give your image a playful and casual look

Here’s an important rule: a neon manicure design is a very bright accent in itself. Of course, you can experiment with nail art, adding pictures and prints, but please be careful - don't overdo it. Remember what the golden mean is!

Neon Nails and Neon Manicure Design Features

There are absolutely no limits here, since neon manicure designs perfectly flatter any nail shape and length, doesn’t matter if they’re long, short, soft square or oval shaped.

By the way, neon orange manicure will look just gorgeous on your nails! This colour attracts attention, cheers up and reminds of the hot summer sun in winter and of the spooky season in summer. And by the way, have you ever seen how neon colour shades look on tanned skin? You definitely have to give this manicure needs a try on your nails!

The good thing about neon manicure design is that it can be used both during the holiday season and all year round. The only rule to follow is that your neon manicure should look consistent, harmonious and flatter your whole image.


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