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Matte Nail Designs

Neat hands and well-manicured nails are the hallmark of any beautiful and successful woman. To make their outfits look more businesslike, some ladies prefer to get matte manicure designs done on their gorgeous nails. Although this one doesn’t have any shine and gloss, it still can’t be considered to be boring. Moreover, matte manicure has become even more attractive and popular recently.

Matte manicure designs are always in trend, especially their colorful variations.

• Black matte manicure designs. Black matte manicure is one of the most outstanding nail art ideas ever. It is a breathtaking combo of deep matte texture and the magic of darkness, due to which images created are so elegant and expressive. Fashion lovers who prefer classic manicure designs and minimalism tend to pay special attention to black-matte manicure, as well as those who appreciate unique combinations of black and matte nail polishes.

• Red matte manicure designs. Such manicure is suitable for eating out or a romantic date. You can also see this combination together with pastel shades. Or, on the contrary, with snow white, black, and pink colours, as well as with golden shades or decorations. There is no limit for your imagination, since a huge variety of prints, patterns and decorations are highly recommended when it comes to red matte manicure design. In other words, red matte manicure is the choice of sassy and self-confident women.

• Matte manicure designs with rhinestones. Nail art specialists recommend decorating one or two nails with rhinestones. Due to the fact that the shiny rhinestones look much more spectacular when applied onto a matte top coat, such manicure will be more appropriate for a night out or a special occasion. The main rule is not to overdo your pretty manicure with too many of glass and metal stones.

• Nude matte manicure gives your nails a casual look, but at the same time goes well with evening dresses. It’s always in perfect harmony with various kinds of clothing styles. Besides, nude manicure looks pretty both in monochrome design and in contrast with other pastel shades. A gentle mix of modern styles will look no less impressive. But remember that nude matte manicure is naturalness and casual style in the first place.

Don’t forget to check out some photos of outstanding matte manicure designs by experienced nail artists that are now available on our website.


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