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Light Nail Designs

Light coloured manicure design is relevant all year round. This is a real win-win: it is versatile, suitable both for the everyday wear and for special occasions. Not sure which colour to choose? Go ahead and get a stunning light coloured manicure design done on your nails - you 100% won't regret it!

What Nail Art Goes With Light Coloured Manicure Best?

Let's face the fact: light colour shades look advantageous in any manicure design and nail technique either with or without any nail art. However, most girls still prefer the first option, especially since nail masters regularly come up with new designs ideas, as well as use trendy décor elements materials and application techniques.

New Trendy Light Coloured Manicure Design Ideas

• A light matte sand manicure done using 3D décor elements literally looks original and incredibly deep.

• Rhinestones, glitter & shimmer look great on a light background. All you have to do is to choose your fave nail art from a great variety of options.

• Minimalistic patterns. They look so gentle and feminine! You can do small lines, tiny drawings, hearts, stars, etc. on your nails. These drawings are not flashy, but also do not look plain.

• Geometric shapes. Rhombuses, squares, interweaving lines and geometric shapes on nails look neat, modern and stylish.

• Watercolor nail art. Nail technicians often create unique masterpieces on a light background. Refined colour combinations and interesting prints turn even the plainest look into a real work of art.

• Nail powder is one of the most outstanding designs. Looks beautiful, uncommon and bold!

Still not sure who to entrust your pretty hands to? Take a look at the photo catalog and pick a nail artist at FineAdviser.com!


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