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Natural Looking Nails with Geometric Nail Art

Do you really think pastel colour shades look boring on your nails? You’re definitely gonna change your mind if you get a geometric nude manicure design done, which is an absolute win-win for any nail shape and length.

Photo Collection of designs of Geometric Nude Manicure Designs 2020

Trending Nail Art of the Year:

• interweaving lines of white and black colour shades;

• squares, rhombuses & triangles;

• circles and tiny polka dots placed in the center of the nail;

• geometric shapes can be done not only using nail polish, but also using foil or other décor elements.

There is never too much of geometry since it doesn’t overload the look. Moreover, it looks both laconic and stylish at the same time.

Check out the huge photo catalog of nail ideas at FineAdviser.com. There are tons of manicure designs by the best nail artists as well as various ideas for your perfect nail look. Be flawless, beautiful and stylish with our team!


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