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Natural Looking French Nails

Nude French manicure design: naturalness is above all! It will always be popular with fashion lovers, because it is an absolute classic. French manicure done in nude palette is suitable for both everyday life and celebration parties. In 2020 season, designers tend to focus on naturalness and femininity, so it is appropriate to use gentle and pastel shades.

• If you are a bright colour combo lover, nude French manicure design can be complemented with contrasting shades, for example, light and dark or cold and warm tones. Mother of pearl and décor elements can be complemented with a metallic effect.

• For the fans of classics and naturalness, a French manicure in milky or ivory colour shades is the best option, which looks simple and harmonious. But this does not mean that other shades are irrelevant.

Nail art experts advise you to pay attention to the stunning uniqueness of nail designs with drawings. Even the pickiest of us will be pleased with the huge variety of French manicure design options and nail effects created by experienced nail artists. Lace patterns, asymmetrical geometric shapes, lines, as well as minimalistic nail art are topping at the moment.


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