Dark Nails

Manicure design in dark colours is a popular trend in 2020, which is not likely to leave the peak of popularity among fashionable nail art manicure designs.

And now it's time to diversify your daily manicure. Do you want to try something new, attractive and at the same time elegant on your nails? Take a look at dark nail designs. Thanks to a wide range of shades, dark manicure with nail art is flattering and relevant for both short and long nails.

Heading for a party or another special occasion? Paint your nails blue, black, burgundy, purple or brown so that the dark colour of your manicure complements your look and makes you look elegant and luxurious.

Complement the dark nail polish with décor elements such as shimmer, rhinestones, ribbons, sequins, foil, 3D design elements. Also, feel free to apply a variety of patterns to create an eye-catching dark manicure design - and voila, you are close to perfection!

Check out our photo catalog for multiple dark manicure design ideas, choose a nail technician in your city and book your manicure appointment on our website.


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