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Butterfly Manicure Options

Butterfly manicure is amazing because it can be done in a very different style, in a different palette, and thus complement your image with both romantic and sensual or even eccentric detail.

Among all the butterfly nail designs, the following are in trend:

  • images made in contrasting shades with a thin brush. Such butterflies resemble stained glass on glass: through the contours and translucent filling of the pattern, the color of the base shines through, which makes nail art especially sophisticated. This design is ideal for short nails;
  • painted in vintage or watercolor style. Both options use pastel, soft tones that are superimposed without clear outlines. This gives the impression of an aged pattern, which adds an aristocratic dignity to the manicure;
  • summer manicure. Such a design provides for the most varied and most intense options, up to the continuous filling of one or more nails with stamping or painting of a flower meadow and butterflies fluttering above it. And for fans of more laconic nail art, a simplified version is also suitable: small but bright butterflies on a nude coating;
  • voluminous butterflies. It can be a 3D effect, created using acrylic sculpting, or volumetric contours of the picture, made with textured gel polish. This design looks especially impressive on long nails.

Of course, if you like a butterfly manicure in a different style, this does not mean that it is out of date this season. The main thing is to choose the appropriate decor in order to combine the latest trends and your own preferences.

Butterfly Manicure Design

In the trendy design of butterfly nails, bright and even "jewelry" details are welcome, which set the mood for the entire manicure - bold, sensual, playful, and allow you to turn everyday nail art into an eventful one.

With rhinestones

For a bright and festive manicure, you can make butterfly nails from colored rhinestones. Leaf-shaped crystals look great - they can be used to lay out wings without resorting to other means. Such nail art creates additional volume on the nails, therefore, it is better to choose other versions of it as an everyday one. For example, use polymer rhinestones - their thickness is quite insignificant, but theyideally imitate rhinestone or zirconia.

A butterfly made of real crystals, transparent and faceted, can replace even an expensive piece of jewelry. This performance will be the perfect choice for a wedding or other celebration.


Butterfly nails look great in the "mat + sparkles" contrast. A matte finish, preferably a dark palette, creates a luxurious backdrop for a dense layer of glitter that is used to make the butterfly. Of course, you can simply emphasize the contours and pattern on the wings with glitter, or limit yourself to a couple of accents - shiny antennae or spots on the wings.

It is important to take into account that on a light coating, glitters need a dark outline so that the drawing does not get lost or blurred.

With foil

Foil allows you to create interesting overflows, just like on the wings of a real butterfly. Depending on the color chosen, it can be a very realistic drawing or stylized image. The combination of dark foil and light volumetric contours or light foil and dark drawing along the edges of the wings looks most effective on the nails.

Given the texture of the foil, a fragment of a butterfly next to the nail roller or at its edge may be sufficient.

Broken glass

Broken glass holographic technique allows you to create eye-catching and stylish images. In trends, multi-shades, when several different colors are combined in one image. Tone-on-tone patterns are also popular. The holographic volume of the image allows it to look spectacular without any contrast, and the milky-white broken glass on the same coating shade is not lost at all.

Butterflies on nails have long moved from nail art for the romantic and sophisticated to the category of designs suitable for everyone. Thanks to the variety of modern tools and materials used in nail art, you can put completely different meanings both in the drawing and in the idea of ​​manicure as a whole ..

On this page, you can study the portfolio and the best works of nail masters and choose your own - capable and skillful, in your opinion, to make your wishes come true.

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