Blue Nails

The blue shade of nail polish looks very interesting, regardless of whether it is complemented by a design or not. Today, there are many different techniques for applying nail art and decorating the manicure design. You can take a look at some stunning designs in our photo gallery, as well as book an appointment with a nail artist to get a gorgeous manicure design done on your pretty nails.

There is a huge palette of bluish colours from rich to pastel shades, and combining them, you can easily create a beautiful color scheme for any season. Blue is super versatile and is usually used for both everyday wear and a night out. The photo collection at presents the trendiest blue manicure designs by the best nail artists.

Blue Manicure Design with Nail Art: What Colours to Choose 

• White looks beautiful and juicy when applied onto blue background, regardless of whether you have long or short nails. Complementing the blue & white manicure design with nail art, you can obtain a fashionable manicure that will be relevant during the winter season.

• Red. Indeed, it looks bright and unusual. Mix it and match it with other colour shades. Lots of fashion lovers think this colour is a win-win. Looks like an extraordinary fiery passion, which is always in!

• Yellow. This one is particularly eye-catching. Warm & cold or light & dark, yellow & blue create a surprisingly stunning contrast. What about an ombre nail design done using these colour shades? Take a look at some of the examples in our photo catalog and choose a nail idea that suits you the best.

• Pink. At first glance, nobody would think that blue goes well with pink, but in fact it does! Mixing juicy shades of pink and blue are just perfect for a summer manicure design.

• Gray & blue is the best color combo for winter season. If complemented with winter-themed nail art (like snowflakes, snowmen, etc.) looks simply stunning.

• Blue. If you wanna get a dark blue manicure design, pale blue will be in perfect harmony with it, which is not surprising. This duo does not look boring, it’s rather interesting.

What colour combo for your blue manicure design would you prefer?


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