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If you prefer a matching manicure and pedicure – congrats, that’s a smart decision! Similarly decorated nails on hands and feet usually look very harmonious and at the same time quite stylish. The main rule here is to choose the most flattering manicure and pedicure design, as well as the shape of the nails. Our team has collected some photos of matching manicure and pedicure just for you. All of these manicure and pedicure designs were created by the best nail artists from all over the world. Here you can also find the largest catalog of nail technicians. Feel free to book your nail appointment in any city online.

A classy matching manicure and pedicure design is one of the hallmarks of a modern good-looking young lady. However, in order not to look ridiculous, it is important to correctly choose the nail polish colour of the varnish, the shape of the nails and the nail art that will look equally good on the feet and on the hands.

Our team of professional nail artists highly recommends giving your preference to softened nail shapes this season. Short oval or soft square shape will look very flattering no matter what nail design you’re going to choose. If you’re keen on the sharp nail shape, please try not to overdo it with the length. Of course, sharp nail shape is acceptable on fingernails only.

As for the colours, nail artists have absolutely no limits here. In 2020, you can literally choose any design from bright neon nail art to pastel French manicure designs. The most relevant shades are apparently blue and turquoise, beige and mother-of-pearl, and purple and brown, as well as noble burgundy and modest shades of red, pale pink, emerald, coffee, gray, baby blue, and obviously our favorite classics such as white and black colour combo.

Here are some trending matching manicure and pedicure designs 2020:

• French and lunar manicure and pedicure in pink, white and pastel shades. In this case, a tiny drawing or other decorations are acceptable on one or two fingernails and one toenail;

• Ombre nail design - looks very eye-catching when done in different but still matching colour shades on hands and feet;

• White matching manicure and pedicure design;

• Geometric patterns – straight and angular minimalistic lines are perfect for matching manicure and pedicure. Here you can improvise with the texture of the nail polish, for example, you can apply matte top coat onto the fingernails, and glossy one to the toenails;

• Rhinestones & shiny stones - treat these jewelry very carefully, they should not look bulky and make your matching pedicure and manicure look heavy;

• Mirror powder, crystal chips, colourful shattered mirror pieces – you are welcome to use all of them, but don’t make it look ridiculous;

• Lace, marble and holographic designs;

• Floral patterns, neat drawings, newspaper lettering style.

Check out some tips on how to rock your matching manicure and pedicure from our pro nail artists:

1. If a matching manicure and pedicure are supposed to look completely identical, then try your best to make it original and unique.

2. Try to avoid colours that look too bright and cheap. Give your preference to sophisticated and classy shades.

3. Matching manicure and pedicure should be done in the same style.

4. Do not overdo it with drawings on the nails – 1 or 2 decorated nails are enough for the hands; it is recommended to focus on one nail on the feet.

We know how difficult it is to find and pick a truly gorgeous matching manicure and pedicure design. Therefore, we have gathered all of the best nail arts by pro nail technicians from all over the world on our website so that you can find your fave design or get inspired and come up with your own unique matching manicure and pedicure design.

Additionally, you can choose your city in our catalog and book your nail appointment online.

Get inspired by tons of nail ideas on our website and create unique nail designs with the help of the world’s best nail artists!


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