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Our hands are always in the limelight so it’s no wonder that nail art is highly popular these days. A qualified nail artist can make your nails look elegant and stunning but before going to the manicurist you should make up your mind on what kind of design you want to have: elegant, bold, or classic. 

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Manicure For Short Nails

Manicure ideas for short nails are impressive in their diversity. After all, nowadays there are no restrictions on the length. In addition, naturalness and simplicity is highly popular now. It means that short nails are trendy and they can be done to your heart’s content but there are still some things to be concerned about:

  • It’s worth giving  preference to a simple design. For example, you can choose large but not bright decorations (monochrome nail art, decoration with a single crystal). Or you can also apply a few little decorations (a scattering of rhinestones or bubbles, small geometric designs, etc.).
  • A nude manicure is the perfect choice for short nails, but make sure that the nail edges and cuticles are trimmed perfectly. And it is not necessary to follow the classic trends and cover all nails with one shade. A modern nude is an alternation of matte and glossy coatings, a luxurious ombré with sequins to match the pastel polish, and, of course, a chic manicure in the style of feng shui with marvelous painting, watercolors or other decorations on one of the nails. 
  • Simple geometry - stripes, cobwebs, zigzags, polka dots and other shapes look great on short nails. They can be used not only to create a unique manicure, but also to visually correct the shape of nails, if it is far from ideal.  

Manicure For Long Nails

A stylish manicure for long nails has a whole range of peculiarities. In particular, the length itself and the nail shape. 

It's worth starting with the shape, as it's very difficult to choose the right one for those who want to be on trend. So, nail fashion 2021-2022 is:

  • The classic almond and oval shape. Suitable for everyone and even recommended in cases where the fingers don’t look as pretty as you want them to be;
  • The square shape with round corners. This is a regular square shape but there is a soft rounding of the free edges of the nails. You should choose this type of shape if you have at least medium length nails, otherwise it will make your fingers look rough. Exception to the rule  – thin and elegant fingers which can be matched with any type of shape;
  • The lipstick shape and the combination of almond and square-shaped nails are super trendy variants which will be suitable for everyone who is not afraid of experimenting.

The “barelina” and “stiletto” are also remaining on top of the nail trends. Anyway, you can have any shape you like as long as it is in harmony with your fingers. The only absolute requirement is that the manicure must be done perfectly, only then it will be a great addition to your image.

You can decide on the length of your nails yourself: naturalness and a moderate length are in fashion now. But with the right approach to nail design you can make a stylish manicure at any length.

Manicure Design

Manicure 2021 is a true extravaganza of colors, textures, and decorations that are combined in many different ways. But you should still give preference to more laconic options, especially if you're a fan of classics and elegance. 

And nail-masters suggest combining the traditional design approach with the latest fashion trends.

Lunar Manicure

For a long time, this design was considered basic, and required additional techniques - painting, experimenting with shades of nail polish, rhinestones, etc. But today it is not necessary, and chic nail design can be done using only a couple of colors and simple design.

Lunar manicure can be done with the combination of matte and glossy shades, french or negative space. Minimalist nail design ideas are especially popular, in particular:

  • Highlighting the lunula with an outline of a contrasting color;
  • Triangle or square-shaped lunula instead of the classic semi-circular variant;
  • Highlighting the lunula with glitter, foil, or bubbles which go together with the nail color.

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Manicure With Mica Powder

You can make chrome or metallic nail art with the help of mica powder. Solid color nails, manicure with one chrome nail only, alternation of chrome and matte nail polish of the same shade and rainbow effect are super trendy now. Nail artists suggest trying one of the most popular variation of this design:

  • Ombre with a smooth gradient;
  • Chrome manicure which creates an awesome metallic effect;
  • Holographic manicure that can be made with the help of different shades of mica powder.

French Manicure

A French manicure is a timeless classic. A French manicure is an extremely exquisite manicure itself but it may look a little bit simple without any decorations.

But modern trends allow you to make this type of manicure really bright and utterly stylish. So if you want to have a really nice French manicure you may take into consideration one of these ideas:

  • A colorful French manicure in which the tips or even the body of the nail are covered with a bright nail polish;
  • A classic French manicure with one nail decorated with bubbles, rhinestones or a painting;
  • A Lunar French manicure, especially if the design is made with the contrasting colors, for example, nude + black, red + gold, etc.

Manicure With A Painting

A trendy nail design with a painting is a painting made in the form of Mehendi, or Japanese style. There is also a possibility to apply a watercolors technique and geometry, or other decorations. For those who are willing to experiment with their style graffiti nail art, lettering and animal prints would be a perfect choice. 

Manicure With Rhinestones

In nail art rhinestones are used while making a manicure for a special occasion but it’s also possible to apply them for a simple manicure. 

Nowadays combinations of rhinestones of different sizes and shapes are on trend. In addition, the usage of rhinestones with a Lunar or French manicure is also highly popular. And finally, having a geometry nail art with the help of tiny crystals will make your look stunning.

The Peculiarities Of Nail Art

There are no restrictions on what type of nail art you should have for a particular season or occasion. The relevance of the main manicure principles remains the same regardless of the time of the year. But if you want to keep up with fashion, you should follow some basic recommendations.

Spring Nail Design

As the dull and bleak winter ends, we always want something bright and colorful. That’s why flowers and various colors are the best ideas for your manicure. Combination of bright colors on different nails, ombre with gradient and rainbow effect are perfect for creating spring image. You can decorate your nails with flowers choosing your own style, for example, you can have a painting of thin vignettes in the form of liana or you can also draw a marvelous flowerbed. Moreover, translucent flowers painted in a watercolors technique, or floral ornaments made with the help of stamping or stencils will complement your image perfectly.

Summer Nail Design 

Neon colors complemented with paintings are the height of fashion now. Fruit, flowers, butterflies (made with the help of any technique you like) remain the most popular things people associate summer with. A marble manicure (which is technically colorful smudges) is also a nice option for confident ladies.

To put it short, expressive and super bright colors prevail in summer manicure. Moreover, it doesn’t really matter whether you choose a neon design or just a simple nude manicure decorated with a watermelon painting.

Autumn Nail Design

The main autumn nail design feature is the predominance of warm shades. The most trendy colors are terracotta, cocoa, dried lavender, etc. It’s also possible to apply some decorations but you should be very careful with it as it may not go along with the whole concept of “warmness”. Thus and so you can make a marvelous maple leaf with the help of bubbles. Or you can create a gradient using gold glitter. By the way, gold shades should prevail over other shades but they shouldn’t be too bright. For example, retro style nail art looks wonderful on elegant fashionistas. 

Winter Nail Design

Blueberry, snow-blue, steel, white and nude – these are the colors that are preferable to choose this winter. White color deserves special attention: the classic variant remained in the last season, and in the new season it has been replaced by the shades of milk, cream, coconut and camelia. Translucent white shade is super popular as it looks gorgeous itself and also it can be used while creating a gradient effect. 

Applying paintings is a must for winter nail art. It can be either regular snowflakes and frost patterns or geometry made in the form of a spider web, circles, vertical lines made with foil, rhinestones or bubbles. 

Matte Manicure

Matte polish can turn a nice manicure into the best one. This type of polish makes every manicure look elegant and it doesn’t need any additional decorations. But if you want to make your nails unforgivingly stunning, you’ll need rhinestones, paintings made with the help of foil or glitter. 

It would also be a great decision to alternate matte and glossy polish on your nails. One of the most stylish variants is negative space technique.

Bright Manicure

These days with all this diversity of colors and shades it’s possible to create an enormous amount of designs, such as a colorful ombre, alternation of the different colors, colorful French manicure, the “frame nails” etc. Even a classic lunar manicure doesn’t look very “classic” anymore as it’s made with bright colors.

Gentle Manicure

This type of manicure can be made either in a simple variation (for instance, a regular nude manicure) or it can be decorated with a painting. This season it’s popular to emphasize a romantic image with the help of an exquisite line of tiny rhinestones, thin gold spider web or a splendid translucent flower.

Wedding Manicure

The main wedding manicure features are elegance and charm. It means that rhinestones, bubbles and sophisticated paintings go together with white color and all its variations, for example, beige and pale pink. But if a bride is not a big fan of a classic wedding manicure, it’s possible to try some other styles. You can choose any design you want.

Christmas Manicure

While choosing a beautiful nail design for a Christmas party, you can forget all restrictions that have been relevant throughout the year. Thus, it’s preferable to make up your mind on having metallic or gold nails. For instance, you may use foil, mica powder or gold glitter that will complement traditional Christmas ornaments, frost patterns and snowflakes. 

One of the most trendy variations of this type of manicure is matte nails with an ornament created with glossy polish.

Popular colors 2021

The whole diversity of colors is always relevant but it’s the shades that matter. Now you’ll find out which shades you should choose to keep up with fashion.


Darker shades of blue mostly prevail over other shades as they have a kind of “royal” haze. Such shades include steel blue, gray, Prussian blue, cobalt and sapphire. If you want to have a bright manicure you may choose indigo or any neon versions of the listed shades.

Light blue

Cornflower, sky, denim and electric are extremely popular now. These shades go nicely with white and yellow. They also look gorgeous with gold and silver colors.


Nowadays pale pink is the new black. Bright pink is no longer trendy but creamy-pink and powder-pink are the height of fashion. They go perfectly well with black, gray and dark-red colors which makes it possible to create various types of manicure, such as gentle manicure, summer manicure and so on.


Classic red shades are still in demand but if you’re a dark shades lover, there is some good news for you: now it’s highly preferable to wear deep red, merlot, sangria, burgundy and other shades that would suit the most picky ladies.


To talk about modern nail design, it's not common to use black polish without any decorations. But if you combine it with red, blue, gold or even cover it with a matte top coat, it will impress everyone!


Beige has always been trendy as it’s irreplaceable for doing French or wedding manicure. If you want to make your nail look even more gorgeous, it’s possible to add paintings, rhinestones, glitter, foil, etc.


Light yellow shades, such as straw yellow, saffron, apricot, amber, are trending now. As a rule, they go nicely with black, steel, anthracite, which highlights your subtle sense of style. In addition, a gradient created with matte yellow color is also a great choice.


Plum and blueberry shades are at the peak of popularity. They go together with other shades in a close palette - blue, dark blue, pink. Thus gradients made with these colors look stylish, gentle and impressive.

On our site you can find not only a great diversity of nail design ideas, but also nail artists that will make your nails look stunning and unique.

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