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What could be easier than getting your nails done? However, it happens to be quite complicated to come up with a nail idea, manicure design, the right nail polish shade, and a pattern that will look beautiful on your gorgeous nails. On our website, we have collected the best works by nail techs from all over the world, selected some ultra-fashionable nail designs 2021 (real photos provided), and listed the most relevant colors, shade combinations and nail shapes that are trending this year.

It’s common knowledge that the age of a person can be determined by their hand skin. Well-manicured hands not only show your sense of fashion, but also prove that you’re taking good care of your health. One of the main signs of good hand skin condition is a professionally done manicure with a neat nail shape.

Beautiful manicure designs - stylish nail ideas for the 2021-2022 season

The best way to decorate a designer manicure is modern nail art, for which both natural and acrylic nails are suitable. Professional nail artists use the most original art ideas:

  • rhinestone compositions,
  • glitter,
  • foil decorations,
  • lace,
  • water-acrylic paints are used for artistic paintings,
  • using acrylic and gel nail polishes.

When choosing a manicure design style, first thing you should consider is your nail shape. During the 2020-2021 season, nail technicians claim there are several trending manicure designs. The most popular design is still French manicure. There are different variations of this one: classic, stylized, colorful, decorated.

However, the nail shape may vary. Same thing happens to nail polish color: the shade itself and its saturation should meet your personal preferences in the first place. But the application technique is always the same. The entire nail is covered with a natural-looking shade of nail polish, and any other color is applied to its edge.

Leopard manicure is no less popular among young girls. There is a great number of applying techniques for this kind if nail design. Here you can freely experiment with nail polish color, the number of layers and the size of the animal print. The leopard spots can be depicted on the edge of the nail or cover the entire nail plate. The application technique is simple and easy to perform, so any girl can cope with it on her own.

For dreamy and romantic ladies, the Barbie manicure is perfect. In this case, it is recommended to choose bright nail polish colors, but nail length and nail shape can vary a lot. The drawing can be different: tiny squares, butterflies, circles, lines or any other geometric shape combination.

Rhinestone nail art is one of the most glamorous and luxurious manicure designs ever. It is more convenient to do it on acrylic and ultra-long nails, since you need a large area for rhinestone application. Such manicure can be decorated with both small particles of rhinestones and large crystals, which are usually placed in the center of the whole composition. Various contrasting shades and rhinestones combo also looks unusual and incredibly beautiful on the nails.

Pro nail artists think that the following nail art techniques are the most fashionable nail ideas 2021:

  • nail painting;
  • openwork drawings and flower-inspired patterns;
  • voluminous design;
  • geometric lines and shapes;
  • abstract pictures;
  • stylized manicure and French manicure with decorations;
  • lettering on the nails;
  • animal prints.

It is rather easy to choose a manicure design these days. The main rule is to determine your mood and make your manicure the final essence of your image.

Check out our extensive photo collection of manicure designs on our website and choose your favorite nail art for free.

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