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Rainbow Makeup

Rainbow makeup is bright, bold, and extravagant. Make sure you’ve got some multi-colored eye shadows and pencils - it will be colorful and juicy! A bomb rainbow makeup is just perfect for a theme party and a photo shoot. But do not forget to cleanse the skin and even out the skin tone before applying your makeup.

FineAdviser team has gathered a huge photo collection of rainbow makeup looks by pro makeup artists from all over the world. Feel free to get inspired for your next makeup look. And to make sure it’s done neatly and professionally, choose a makeup artist from your city and book your appointment online.

The basic feature of such makeup is the use of color shades close to the rainbow ones (red, orange, yellow, blue, green, dark blue, purple). Keep in mind that there’s no need to get carried away with this idea and apply all of them at a time. Using 3 to 5 colors would be enough. It is better to start doing your makeup with the lightest shade, and apply it to the corner of the eye. Lovers of the winged eyeliner are especially lucky, since a neat line will perfectly improve the shape of the eye and, if necessary, improve it.

Rainbow Makeup Tips That Will Definitely Come In Handy:

  • eye shadows should be well-blended, there is no need for sharp transitions;
  • for a more expressive look, you can slightly shade the lower lash line. This can be done both with eye shadows and an eye pencil;
  • to make the shadows look even more saturated, try applying them onto white pencil or the lightest eye shadow color in your palette. This will also make your eye makeup last longer;
  • don't forget about eyebrows. In fact, the key to successful makeup is the right eyebrow shape;
  • do not be afraid to make a mistake, because there are no rigid rules for a rainbow makeup look, so let your imagination run wild.

Rainbow makeup is a great option for girls who want to look stunning at an outing. And if you are one of those for whom experimenting with lipstick color is not really enough, check out gorgeous makeup looks at FineAdviser.com and get inspired!


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