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Wedding Hairstyles with Diadem and Veil

There’s no doubt every bride dreams of feeling like a queen on her own wedding day! So why not complement your wedding hairstyle with a veil and classily styled hair with a tiara that looks like a real crown? Choose your fave hairdo from a huge photo collection of wedding hairstyles with tiara and veil available on our website and book an appointment with a pro hairstylist in your city.

Wedding Hairstyles with Tiara & Veil: Tips from Professional Hairstylists

• Hairstylists and hairdressers use a variety of hair adornments to create stunning wedding hairstyles, and tiara is one of the most sophisticated options. It can be very narrow or have the shape of a high crown. This fancy accessory is suitable for any hair color and face shape.

• There are a lot of hairstyle ideas for you if you want to use a tiara. Hair can be put up or let loose over the shoulders. High buns go well with big crowns, while loose hair is best decorated with a narrow tiara resembling a headband. Fans of short hair should definitely pay attention to stylish metal hair hoops.

• Veil with tiara is the most eye-catching accent of a wedding hairstyle ever, so it is better to avoid using other hair adornments at the same time. By the way, it is recommended to use a small one or two tiered veil, which will not make the hairstyle and the whole image look excessively voluminous or flashy.

• Silver tiaras would go perfectly well with a snow-white wedding dress and are sure to suit most brides. But for a dress of champagne, milky or ivory colour shades, we highly recommend you to pick a luxurious golden tiara.

• A hairstyle with tiara will suit both a classic wedding dress with a voluminous ball gown and a sophisticated Empire style outfit with a high waist. If the bride would like to wear other jewelry such as earrings or necklaces in combination with the tiara, they should make up a perfect set. If you wanna rock your wedding outfit, it’s better to buy a wedding dress and a veil first, and then try to match the rest of the jewelry will what you already have.

• Contrary to popular belief, tiara can be very affordable, yet shine like a real royal crown. Modern accessories are decorated with rhinestones, rock crystal, Swarovski crystals and river pearls. A bold and unusual look can be achieved by using an accessory made of bright colourful crystals - red, blue & emerald colours are in now.

A bride wearing a tiara resembles a goddess who came down to Earth from Olympus to amaze the audience with her extraordinary beauty.


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