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Kids' Hairstyles for Prom

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Kids' prom hairstyles require a lot of your time and attention. The hairdo should be carefully thought out so that your girl feels like a real princess and your boy feels like a handsome and brave knight at their prom. Photos of children's hairstyles for prom are all gathered in FineAdviser.com large catalog. Did you find a suitable look that’s your absolute favourite? That’s amazing! Use our website to book an appointment with a hairstylist in your city to get your kid’s hair done before their prom night.

Kids’ Prom Hairstyles: Curls

• Well-structured curls can be easily put into a neat and elegant hairstyle. To get the perfect result, it’s better not to brush your hair after curling it. Spread the curls evenly and use a hairspray. Complete your hairstyle with a tiara or a fancy hairpin.

• Wavy curls. Weave your clean but wet hair into braids. After they’ve dryed, unweave them and fix with a hairspray.

• Headband of bangs. Fix the tips of the bang at the back of the head with the help of hairpins.

• Spiral curls. Apply some gel to wet hair, and then carfully and gently dry it using a hair dryer with a diffuser.

• You can also do retro-style curls that would look stunning on a bob cut. Rub the mousse into damp hair, dry it, and then brush it with a wide tooth comb. Next, use big heated rollers to roll large strands on them. Finally, apply a strong fixing spray.

Elegant braids and twists are a good alternative for your children's prom night

• A ‘fishtail’ braid, which is so fashionable and relevant today, can be done with a help of a thin elastic band, a few hairpins and a hair spray.

• French braid looks so elegant, and it’s not difficult to weave it. Part the hair in the middle and weave from the top to the back of the head. Grab the wider strands first, adding new ones from each side step by step. Remember to fix it with a spray before braiding. At the very end, the French braid should be weaved like a usual one and fixed with a hair band, the tip is hidden.

• To get a gorgeous twist hairstyle, divide the hair into many strands, then twist an fix each one on the head with a hair pin. You can twist only two strands - it will still look beautiful and elegant. Decorate it with an exquisite hairpin.

• Greek hairstyles. Beautiful ribbons and headbands with rhinestones woven into the braids are more than appropriate for a prom night. For a more long lasting hairdo, fix it using a hairspray. A loose curl or strand falling out of a Greek hairstyle will add some youthfullness and recklessness to a girl's appearance.


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