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Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Hairstyles for medium hair

Medium length hairstyles can be created both for everyday life and for special occasions. Elegantly curled strands add lightness to the look, and a casual bun will draw attention in tandem with a cocktail dress, giving your look a touch of coquetry. Consider the most stylish styling options.


Beautiful curled strands suit almost all girls, girls and women. Dark-haired curls will add mystery and elegance, and light curls will be perceived very gentle and romantic. 2021 brings to your attention many varieties of curls:

  • beach;
  • Hollywood Wave;
  • large curls;
  • small curls;
  • sloppy;
  • retro.

Curls and curls always look light and effective, it is only important to choose the ones that suit you. Fashionistas especially love curls because they stand out for their beauty - they will not look vulgar at an evening event or bored at a romantic meeting, they will help to stand out in the office dress code.


Medium ponytail hairstyles have become very popular in the past few years and are not going to give up. The ponytail will help decorate the head of the little princess. It will look especially impressive in tandem with colored rubber bands or shiny invisible pins.

A stylish tail for a girl or a woman can be made in various variations. A high ponytail can be sleek or with loose, voluminous curls. This styling will be an excellent solution for a wedding. It is enough just to supplement it with a veil or a shiny decoration. A low ponytail will help diversify the casual look and emphasize the elegance of the girl.

French braids

French braids are one of the main trends in hairstyles for medium length hair. Previously, they were considered the prerogative of schoolgirls, but today they will look beautiful both in everyday wear and at an evening event. The French braid looks very original and unusual due to its weaving method. The artificially created volume adds special chic to such braids.

There are a lot of options for weaving hairstyles. You can create one voluminous braid with a couple of strands released. Two smallthe braids on the sides are great for little girls. You can add flavor by decorating the princess's head with bright ribbons or shiny invisible pins.


A bun has at all times been considered a laconic, romantic and comfortable hairstyle. Over the years, there have been a lot of variations of its performance:

  • Classic. This is slicked-back hair that gathers in a bundle at the crown, back of the head or below. Suitable for both office and evening events. The image can be complemented with a headband or hair clip.
  • Sloppy. The strands are collected in a tourniquet at the crown. Looks irresistible with a few curls falling out. You can make a high or low beam. Such a bun will look especially good on the bride. You can decorate a masterpiece with a tiara or an iridescent comb.
  • With braids. A win-win option would be a tight braid that turns into a bun.
  • With fleece. Hair, gathered in a tourniquet at the back of the head, with additional volume at the crown. You can make such a volume with the help of fleece, and complement the image with an ornament or a diadem.


If you comb a few strands at the temples and tie them at the back of the head or crown with an elastic band, lace or hairpin, you get a cute "Malvinka". This charm was especially popular in ancient times. Today both girls and girls continue to love her.

"Malvinka" can be created with a bundle, with flagella, with braids or with a bow of several strands. Little girls look very cute with her, the little ones are very comfortable, because the hair does not go into the eyes during active games. You can complement the child's image with a bow, hairpins made of pearls and crystals, a ribbon or bright elastic bands.

Owners of medium length hair are given the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of styles that meet modern fashion trends. You can always find the most beautiful, original and simple ideas on our website FineAdviser.com.

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