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Are you looking for a suitable hairstyle to create a fashionable look? The extensive collection on FineAdviser.com provides photos of hairstyles on a square for all face types and for different hair lengths from experts from all over the world. You have a great opportunity to find a hairdresser-stylist in your city and sign up to him to provide services. Explore, watch and choose the best styling option for a personalized and vibrant look without the hassle.

The bob hairstyle has always been and remains popular. Famous stars: Charlize Theron, Lucy Boynton, Emma Roberts, Natalya Varley, Polina Gagarina wear bob hairstyles and radiate attractiveness and sexuality. The square can be worn with a formal suit, evening dress, tracksuit and at the same time always remain fashionable.

Varieties of bob hairstyles and a variety of classic styling

Long square

With an elongated version of the hairstyle, you can not only keep the length, but also give a zest to the image. Long hairstyles can be shaped like soft cascading waves or subtle asymmetries. With this square shape, large facial features will look sleeker and thinner.


It is generally accepted that the hairstyle is suitable only for a sporty style, but a bob square looks great with a business style in clothes. The side strands are left a little longer, and on the back of the head, the hair is styled, lifting the strands with a hairdryer. This hairstyle is perfect for ladies with delicate features and an oval-shaped face.

Classic square

The traditional square is suitable for any type of face. The hairstyle is distinguished from others by the multivariance of its styling. For example, if the face is round, then the length below the chin will look perfect. With a square face shape, a slightly graduated bang looks great. With an oval face shape, you can complement the square with oblique or torn bangs. For romantic natures, curls can be slightly curled and styled with mousse. If you need a business and austere style, you can style it with an iron.

The advantages of a square:

  • suits any face type;
  • does not lose relevance;
  • ease of installation;
  • suitable for all ages.

The bob is one of the most versatile hairstyles. You can endlessly fantasize with styling, types of hairstyles. The bob can be worn with different bangs, with a beautiful parting and without bangs. You will be irresistible with any shape of the square. Choice- for you!


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