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Thin Eyebrows

Thanks to Hollywood actresses and famous celebrities, the fashion for eyebrows was changing almost every decade: it varied from thin eyebrows to unnatural shapes. Today, naturalness has come into fashion again, but the difference is that the shape and type of the eyebrows are selected individually according to personal features and preferences. Thin eyebrows are definitely not for everyone, but those for whom it’s a nice option that flatters the face shape certainly do not have to worry about the failed makeup look.

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Thin eyebrows are for the girls:

  • with small eyes, lips and nose;
  • with an oval face shape.

Thin eyebrows are not suitable for girls who have massive chins and jaws, large noses, and wide cheekbones. Wide-set eyes are also a taboo for thin eyebrows. In any case, when your eyebrows, you should just enhance what nature has given you and not try, for example, to make the arch look higher or flatter than it is in reality.


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