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Today, flat eyebrows are actually preferred by lots of girls. And it’s no surprise, because they really do refine facial features and help to create a more harmonious and feminine look.

Check out the huge photo catalog of works at Fineadviser.com, where we have gathered plenty of makeup looks for straight and flat eyebrows by experienced brow experts from all around the world. Choose your favorite eyebrow makeup that is suitable for you. You also have the opportunity to contact a makeup artist from your city and book your appointment online.

Flat Eyebrows Will Suit the Girls:

  • with an oval face shape;
  • with an elongated narrow face shape.

Flat eyebrows are the best option for those whose facial features are pretty small, and if you have big eyes, nose and lips, be sure to choose some other brow shape. According to the opinion of pro makeup artists, in this case it would be much better to do straight, slightly rounded eyebrows, that are far from the nose. A soft arch will look especially good in this case.


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